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Deed Broker

Deed Broker is a privately held group of former Mortgage Bankers focused on selling whole loans secured by Real Estate. We bring together the two key components of a unique and thriving marketplace – Institutional Lenders seeking to sell Trust Deeds that they have originated and Investors looking for secure and rewarding opportunities in Trust Deed investing.

Trust Deed investing to suit Investor needs and goals

Trust deed investing is not a “one size fits all” approach. Different investment types offer unique advantages, disadvantages, risks, and rewards. Our team works closely with our Trust Deed investors to align their investment strategies, goals and objectives.

Understanding the needs of Borrowers and Trust Deed Investors

We understand that successful Trust Deed investing requires specialized knowledge of available investment vehicles and expert analysis of the market conditions for the specific property securing each investment. At Deed Broker we only seek Borrowers that have the willingness and ability to repay the obligation. We want the Borrower to succeed with loans that meet their unique Real Estate financing needs. Backed-up by years of industry expertise, we provide only the highest yielding and the most secure Trust Deed opportunities to our Trust Deed Investors.

At Deed Broker, we simplify Trust Deed investing.